New York City, New York is the largest city in the United States. It is an economic and cultural center, with one of the biggest highlights being the Battery Conservancy. People come from all over the world to visit the fantastic heritage sites provided by the Battery Conservancy, and now the organization is purchasing its plants from Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. With a growing effort to protect the environment, Tennessee Nursery has partnered with the Battery Conservancy to raise awareness of climate change. …

Tn Nursery Reviews- My goats beard plants done exceptionally well this year. Thank you Tn Nursery

Aruncus dioicus, also commonly called Goatsbeard, is a perennial plant that grows in bushy clumps and can grow up to six feet tall. It is a beautiful and non-invasive plant that is relatively easy to grow in your garden. Once fully developed, it stays in one spot unless moved and can be difficult to transplant.
Goat’s beard plant has tiny whitish feathery flowers that grow in clusters and look like a goat’s beard, hence its nickname.

Goat’s beard plant grows in many areas, such…

Golden Ragwort Plant Review- Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Review

Well, guys, I thought it was dead, but it’s not. By 25, golden ragworts are thriving after I cut the tops back. Thank you for shipping me plants that we’re alive and okay. I will be a repeat customer. Sheila Canollie St Francis Island

Tn Nursery Reviews are 4.0 out of 5 stars- Tennessee Wholesale.


The plant is native to damp deciduous forests, damp forests, clearings, borders, damp sand savannahs, sandy swamps and marshes, swamps, banks, rivers, lakes, clearings, wet meadows, and abandoned fields. Some species are cultivated as the border or indoor plants, but many species contain toxic to grazing animals.


Tn Nursery Reviews- I Love my spotted wintergreen plants :)

My spotted wintergreen plants did exactly what you said they would do: Go dormant and come up the following spring. They all came up and I think I may have gotten more than what I ordered. It’s takes 4 months to figure this out but I wanted to say “thank you Tn”.

Sandy Leiderman, Plymoth UT

Spotted Wintergreen — Tn Nursery Reviews

Spotted Wintergreen, otherwise known as Chimaphila maculata, is a plant most visible during the autumn and winter seasons, as its name implies. Wintergreen blooms throughout the summertime, indicating that it reached the midpoint of its lifecycle. Spotted Wintergreen thrives best in more acidic soils…

You guys rock! My indian pink plants are unreal beautiful this year. Thank you very much for your outstanding customer service and excellent quality plants. I am well pleased.

Shaila Dawson

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Reviews- The Indian pink plant is a popular plant with several uses.

The Indian pink plant is a flowering plant uncommon in the southern part of the United States. It is also known as just pinkroot or woodland pinkroot. The plant is well-loved for the red flowers that have yellow insides. The plant grows in clumps and has prospered more by being cultivated for commercial purposes than expected growth in the wild. …

Beautiful, Bountiful Iris Cristata Plant- Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Reviews

Iris Cristata, commonly known as Dwarf Crested Iris, is a small iris with beautiful flowers ranging from blueish violet to lavender. It does not commonly occur, but occasionally, these flowers can appear nearly white as well. Iris Cristata is a low-growing plant with short stems and relatively large flowers.

These rhizomatous perennials typically reach only three to nine inches in height but span six to twelve inches in width. To allow room for growth, the plants should be spaced six to twelve inches apart when planting.

Native to the Eastern United States, Iris Cristata is also growing wild as far…

I am happy with my side oats gamagrass. It was a success from the time I planted it. Sandy Hammerstein CA.

Sideoats Gama Grass, also known as Bouteloua Curtipendula, is a rare native grass that is a popular addition to any home and office garden. It usually blooms during the summer and is known for its gorgeous purple and red anthers that make it easy to spot from a long-distance away. In addition, this plant can make an excellent foundation for your home or office landscape as well. Some bracts hang beautifully from the sides of the stem that contrast…

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery — Tn Nursery Reviews From Real Customers and Consumers Enjoying Our Plants In Their Landscaping. 68 Years and Growing

Love my perennials. I bought them last year and planted right away. Like you say, they all wont come up that season and sure enough, you knew! All of them and it seems like more came up this spring. Thank you Tn Nursery. I will be back soon. Lisa Fleishing, SC

Thanks For all your help on helping me figure out why my berry bushes were thriving but wouldn’t have any berries on them. I added some lime and nitrate and they have little tiny green berries on them now! Can wait till they turn and ripen. …

What Are Five of the Fastest Growing Trees?

The empress tree paulownia is a native Chinese plant that is making inroads in the United States. The tree can grow to between 33 and 82 feet high and grows fast. However, the growth of the empress tree paulownia is minimal for the first year, and it may take several years for it to attain the height needed.

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Reviews

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Reviews — Rated #1 Nursery Online

The silver maple is another fast-growing tree. It grows between three and seven feet per year with a steady widening during that time. The fast-growing…

Tammy Sons Owner of Tennessee Wholesale Nursery

Owns a mail-order plant nursery in Tennessee. Close to the heart of the country music capitol of Nashville Tn.

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