Affordable Tips for Gardening

Gardening is a beautiful way to relax and enjoy a little quiet time from a busy life. Today I’d like to share some affordable tips on gardening. We are the most affordable online nursery, so you don’t have to spend much to end up with a gorgeous yard or household area.

We are family-owned and operated nursery growers, so our garden plants are our passion. We have the finest quality of plants and trees online for your convenience. We have been in the wholesale nursery industry for over half a century. You know you’re getting top quality from a trustworthy nursery that cuts out the middle man, bringing you the most affordable prices.

We have a great selection of perennials, shrubs, trees, wildflowers, live moss, wetland plants, live stakes, and Ferns! Creating a garden on paper and then planting following your plan removes the guesswork and keeps you from repeatedly making the same mistakes. Creating a plan for limited spaces, such as inside the house, can make creating your own user space easier.

Using old egg cartons as seed starters is a great way to get your herbs and garden plants started affordably. You can place them straight into the ground because they are biodegradable. Buying your seeds when they are on sale; .10 to .20 cents a package lets you buy a large quantity. Then you can store the ones you don’t want to plant right away in a cool, dry place.

You can also use old milk or water gallon jugs to house many plants and vegetables. During a cold snap, you can use these containers to protect your plants outside from freezing to death. The jug acts like a hot cap or miniature greenhouse, ventilating air from holes or the top opening and keeping moisture and warmth in the soil.

You were saving on watering a snap too! You fill self-watering stakes with water and put them in your soil. The plants drink the water as needed, and it isn’t messy. You can also take an old soda bottle or two-liter bottle and some nylon or cotton string to make your watering system. Fill the bottle with water, put the string into the potting soil, and put the other end into the bottle. The water works its way up the string, and the plant drinks the water. This is also a great tip when you are on vacation and need to water regularly. `

Using natural compost is also an excellent way to save money and give your garden plants the necessary nutrients. Compost fertilizer is natural and has many vitamins your shrubs and trees need to be healthy. You can create your compost with everyday fruit and veggie trimmings, old leaves, egg shells, and coffee grounds. You can make your bin with a few wood scraps or let your compost pile up freely. Add your yard trimmings and any foodstuff throwaway you have. Every two or three weeks, stir and dig. That’s it. You’ll have your compost to feed your plants. Use a small bin in the kitchen if you have minimal space.

We are pioneers in the nursery industry and dig new shrubs, trees, and plants, then ship them out fresh. This way, we bring the top quality online for the lowest price. Freshly digging the plants up also helps to ensure vigorous, healthy plants. We ship to all states and have a license to do so, and we also offer international shipping. We are located near McMinnville, Tennessee, the nursery capital of the world! We have been in the wholesale nursery industry for over half a century. Gardening is what we know best to bring you top-quality plants.



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Tammy Sons

Tammy Sons


Tammy enjoys writing about horticulture, life off the grid, and anything outdoors. Loves junk stores, antiques, and spending time with family. CEO of TN Nursery