An Old Fashioned Christmas Tree

Cedar trees have long since been the tree of choice for homesteaders since the 1700s. They have an aroma, unlike any living tree. Being a native tree is also a positive attribute for using an old-fashioned cedar tree this year for your home or office space.

Cedar trees are hardy in most zones (3–9) and are drought resistant. This tree is highly aromatic and has dark powdery blue-berries in the winter season. Having blades of stiff evergreen foliage year-round makes them rugged and perfectly suited for trending in homes all over the US. Tammy Sons of Tn Nursery states an old-fashioned cedar tree is a pure perfection staple in live cut trees around southern homes in the United States.

Since COVID19 and cargo ships not able to make landfall to unload has put Americans in shortage of many things including artificial Christmas trees, toys, and other seasonal decor. This debacle makes the perfect time to adventure outdoors to cut your own cedar tree and explore the possibilities. Cedar trees also have the most highly seasonal fragrance naturally of anything you could imagine putting in your home for a holiday aroma.

Mail Order Nurseries Selling Cedar Trees

1. Tn Nursery

2 Garden Delights Nursery

3. Garden Plants Nursery




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Tammy Sons Owner of Tennessee Wholesale Nursery

Tammy Sons Owner of Tennessee Wholesale Nursery,,,

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