Did you ever pick wild blackberries as a child? We grew up in the mountains of Tennessee where there were lots of wild-type plants growing. From herb remedies to enjoying tasty extra sweet berries growing from Mother Nature, my childhood was a memorable occasion.

We did not have lots of toys and very little money but our lives were rich beyond imagination. We would drape bed sheets over clothesline poles and make playhouses, use rocks and mud and make the most delicious imaginary mud pies, and we would take twine and tie the sides of our bedsheets up for curtains and we thought we were rich.

“You never miss what you’ve never had” my grandmother who was born in 1899 would tell us. She stayed warm with a wood-burning heater and the house was never under 90 degrees literally in the fall and winter seasons. Her name was Fannie. She lived in a little 4 room tarpaper house and she was as proud of it as any mansion on a hillside. She would tell us all kinds of old wives’ tales and they were not only interesting, but we also applied them to our lives.

When our children were cutting teeth, they’d often get diarrhea. Granny would go in the woods in a sunny spot in her backyard and find an old wild blackberry briar (we call them blackberry bushes) and dig it up and boil the roots and it stopped our children’s diarrhea almost instantaneously. She would say “the berries are good for constipation and the root stops diarrhea”. Now this alone to me is still amazing to think how God gave a plant two uses for two totally different ailments. The longer I live them more I also realize there’s something bigger than us governing our creation.

Back to my granny: When I got older I would think, “man, she was so smart, after all, she had 10 children and 9 survived” and “thrived” with good health. My mother was the baby and she is a healthy 83 years old now (or will be in April) so I am sure Granny was wise above her years and education in knowledge.

I said that to say this: If you want some old-fashioned (not man-made at all or hybridized) blackberry bushes to eat the sweetest berries on earth from I have found a source where they go out and wild harvest them and mail them to your door!


They also have wild-collected plants with absolutely no herbicides, insecticides, or pesticides on them. They are harvest from deep in the woods on the mountains of Tennessee. Yes, they have thorns but you won’t find at Lowes or Home Depot berry plants this sweet. When man-made plants imposter as hybrids and man touched them. they grow big and sour. But these are small and sweet, like honey and grown by Mother Nature herself.

I am listing below where you can order wild-collected blackberry plants, raspberry, and also blueberry plants. Click below to order:

Old Fashioned Wild Huckleberry Plants Wild Collected

Old Fashioned Wild Blackberry Plants Wild Collected

Old Fashioned Wild Black Raspberry Plants Wild Collected