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How To Decorate A Live Cedar Tree For Christmas

The smell of freshly cut Cedar brings back all the good tidings and Christmas moments. Cedar trees are famous and widely sold during the Christmas season. You will likely come across many stacked up in a line in a supply garden store for buyers to take home for Christmas celebrations.

The traditional cedar tree beats the modern tree by far as it takes you down memory lane to the days we used to go to the small forests to chop down a cedar tree. We would then drag it to the house with lots of joy and set it up in the house corner as it waits to be decorated.

Today not everybody has a farm or lives near a forest where you can chop a Cedar tree. However, if you are lucky enough, you can find a store selling some. If so, you can do yourself a favor and take a cedar Christmas tree treat.

After getting the cedar tree for Christmas, you can buy all Christmas decorations to decorate it and make the tree look more attractive. Let us discuss a few ways of decorating a live cedar tree for Christmas:

Shape the Branches

Once you get hold of a live cedar Christmas tree, take time to shape the branches by separating them from each other. Let the branches fan out so that they can cover every space. You can bend some branches to fill some empty spaces to make your tree look more appealing, however small or big it might be.

Decorate Around a Theme

You want to make your Christmas tree look as professional as possible. For that perfect outcome, your decorations have to tie around together. Before decorating your tree, you have to think of a perfect theme. The theme sets your items’ tone and gives you a vivid idea of decorating your cedar Christmas tree.

Begin Your Décor with the Lights

Bare Cedar Christmas trees need some lighting for that glitter and shimmer. According to lighting experts, you need to put up with at least five meters of lights per two feet of your Christmas tree.

After trimming and shaping your Christmas tree, you can take it into the house and add some lights to it. It is easier to put on other decorations when the lights are already set up.

But how do you put up the Christmas lights? First, begin wrapping the string of light with a plug. Wrap it around your Christmas tree from the bottom center, going upwards. Continue wrapping the lights uniformly around the branches, weaving them upwards from the crown’s center.

Once you’ve reached the crown, repeat the same process, heading downward and ensuring that the lights touch every branch tip. Note that the light bulbs should be hung under a branch and the next ones above the branch.

Pick the Right Decorations

You were choosing decors that suit your theme and aid in accomplishing your entire Christmas tree design. You have to pick what you think will look good on your tree. You can choose to buy hanging tree decorations, ribbons, flower décor, and garlands to complement your cedar Christmas tree appearance. You can also choose baubles of different sizes, shapes, and colors to play around with your theme.

Clump your Baubles

Clumping two or three baubles adds finesse and beauty to your cedar Christmas tree. You can clamp baubles of the same color or shapes or combine colors, shapes, and sizes. Try to hang more giant baubles at the center of the tree and the small ones at the branch tips to make it more attractive.

If you have some fragile glass baubles, you can hang them at the top of the tree to avoid interference and breakage. You can also add unique baubles so they can be seen clearly.

However, do not fill up your entire tree with baubles. Ensure that you have almost eighty of them per eight feet.

Surface and Style Ribbons

If you have ribbons, you can layer them on your Christmas tree to give it a more attractive appearance. The ribbons can be of different colors, textures, and designs, but they have some wired edges to make it easy for you to hook them on the branches. Ensure that you apply the ribbons in a cascading manner and end the ribbons with creative knots.

Add Some Tree Picks

To make your cedar Christmas tree look more natural, you can add tree picks such as pinecones and twigs. They complement your tree wholly by adding unique accents.

Pick the Right Tree Topper

A perfect finish for your cedar Christmas tree should accommodate an attractive tree topper. Choose a tree topper that blends with your theme and the size of the tree. You can either buy one from the Christmas shop and stores or make your own.

Christmas is no Christmas without a Christmas tree. For 2020, you can choose to go more natural and traditional by incorporating a Cedar Christmas tree in your house.



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