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Iris Cristata, commonly known as Dwarf Crested Iris, is a small iris with beautiful flowers ranging from blueish violet to lavender. It does not commonly occur, but occasionally, these flowers can appear nearly white as well. Iris Cristata is a low-growing plant with short stems and relatively large flowers.

These rhizomatous perennials typically reach only three to nine inches in height but span six to twelve inches in width. To allow room for growth, the plants should be spaced six to twelve inches apart when planting.

Native to the Eastern United States, Iris Cristata is also growing wild as far west as Oklahoma. As a wildflower, these beloved plants are considered endangered in the states of Maryland and Pennsylvania. When grown in any of the areas, it is native to; Iris Cristata does not threaten the local ecosystem or wildlife.

Beer lovers can rejoice! Iris Cristata is friendly to the bees. The small size of the flowers also makes for an attractive choice for hummingbirds.

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This species of Iris blooms in early to late spring, thriving in full shade or partial shade. However, these plants are also able to survive in areas with full sun exposure. Iris Cristata best develops in rich soil with medium dampness, yet they can also adapt to slightly drier soil. It is also adaptable to soil pH levels.

Iris Cristata is an excellent choice for a flower bed, shaded rock garden, perennial border, coastal garden, or woodland garden.

Additionally, Iris Cristata can be successfully used as ground cover as it is a vigorous spreader, forming impressive colonies in the process. Because it does spread quickly, it is beneficial to begin dividing the plants every three years or so, which is best-done mid-summer to early Autumn.

Deer are not a threat to these hardy beauties because Iris Cristata is deer resistant. While the blooming season of Iris Cristata is somewhat short, the time that these lovely little Iris are in bloom provides a beautiful sight. The uniquely shaped leaves stay green through Autumn.

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Owns a mail-order plant nursery in Tennessee. Close to the heart of the country music capitol of Nashville Tn.