The Effects of Covid-19 had on One Agriculture Business

Tn Nursery Has Had Record Success During The Covid-19 Outbreak

One of life’s most enduring truths is the inevitability of change. The year 2020 has presented many unique changes for millions of people around the globe. Several months into this global pandemic, the unprecedented loss of life and changes in the way we function as a society should not be understated. It has affected every facet of life. How we earn a living, how often we leave our homes, and what we do with our time has come into ever sharpening focus.

Businesses and industries have had to face tough decisions with far-reaching consequences. Who stays employed? Is there enough demand that the company can survive? Can the company pivot to different products or services? The lack of uncertainty has caused people of all backgrounds to adjust and adapt in ways they would have never imagined.

Despite the tumultuous economic losses shared by thousands of businesses and those unfortunately no longer a part of the workforce, some companies have survived if not prospered during this time.

TN Nursery has been blessed to be part of the latter group. TN Nursery’s sales have sky-rocketed since stay at home covid-19 orders across the country were issued.

Millions of people are spending more time at home than in recent years. That extra time lends itself to exploring new opportunities. Interests can be pursued. Hobbies shelved or dream projects deferred for another time can finally be given their due. Much of this can be attributed to the fact that many people stayed home to go on vacations. Money usually set aside for transportation, and lodging expenses have been diverted to different expenditures. We have been blessed to discover one of those areas receiving renewed interest in gardening.

Whether people have found they have more time or realized they want a change of focus, they have discovered gardening to fill that need.TN Nursery is a leader in the mail order plant industry. We sell plants, not seeds, and Tn Nursery ships over 80 different plant life varieties to begin your path towards your botanical dreams. They have a retail website at and a wholesale B2B site at to shop from.

Despite the tragedies that beset us as a nation, we move forward and find ways to adapt to our new circumstances. Where people are moving towards the future, there is hope. In that hope, we see the potential for a new life. Few things represent the progression of life quite as well as plants.

Tn Nursery’s sales have sky-rocketed since stay at home covid-19 orders across the country because there is an innate desire to nurture life. As many people stayed home to go on vacations, the way they spend their time and money has changed. Many old and new customers have spent their money on garden plants and do it yourself projects.

Tn Nursery ships over 80 types of plants. These include Native Plants, Perennial Plants, Grass Plants, Garden Plants, Grasses, Wildflowers, Shade Perennials, Ferns, Vines, Wetland & Aquatic Plants. It bears repeating; plants symbolize life and hope like nothing else. Plants are defiant in the face of the harshest environments. TN Nursery understands how plants, like life, will persevere in even the direst of circumstances.

Nurturing a plant; watching it bloom and grow is a beautiful experience that more people are learning about during this unique time in the world’s history. That experience of cultivating life and easing the pandemic’s stress can be seen in the sheer amount of people who have spent their money on garden plants and do it yourself projects.

TN Nursery strives to maintain high-quality products and excellent customer service. Now more than ever, it is vital to make sure the customer’s experience exceeds expectations. We understand how fortunate we are to be able to have a functioning and successful business amidst this economic climate. Our customers are important, and we want to continue earning their business.

If you want to join thousands of others in spreading a little more life this year, remember that Tn Nursery is a leader in the mail order plant industry. Please make us your choice when you find yourself looking to begin or continue your gardening pursuits. Continue to celebrate life. Help nurture something alive. Be safe, and God bless.

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Tammy Sons

Tammy Sons


Tammy enjoys writing about horticulture, life off the grid, and anything outdoors. Loves junk stores, antiques, and spending time with family. CEO of TN Nursery