Tn Nursery Reviews: White Dogwood Tree

White Dogwood Tree — Spring Bloomer — TN Nursery Reviews

The white dogwood is a small deciduous tree that produces white blooms in spring and deep purple foliage in the fall. Clusters of green berries (inedible) adorn white dogwood after the spring bloom that grows and changes to bright red by fall. The bright red berries remain on the tree long after the foliage is gone to provide food for birds, squirrels, and other wildlife during winter. Tn Nursery says this tree is a best seller.

White dogwoods are slow-growing and will eventually reach a mature size of around 25 feet tall and 10–15 feet in width. Tree limbs start growing low to the ground and will grow in random patterns, giving each dogwood a unique shape. Pruning is not necessary, but a light limb trim can be given when the tree is dormant during the winter. A light fertilizing in the early spring and watering during times of drought is all this native blooming tree needs to provide years of beauty in any home landscape.

Zones: 5–8

Mature Height: 15'-25'ft

Width: 10'-15'ft

Shape: Random

Growth: Slow growing

Sunlight: Partial Sun

Soil: Moist and slightly acidic, well-drained soil

Botanical name: Cornus

The white dogwood tree is native to the southern portion of the United States and puts on a spectacular flower show in the untouched wooded areas during spring. Best grown under the protective canopy of taller trees, white dogwoods are easy to grow when planted at the edge of landscapes, woodlands, or nestled in a cluster of hardwood trees.

Tn Nursery Reviews- Tn sells White flowering Dogwood Trees Online



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