Tn Nursery Reviews — 3 Great Plants For Beginner Gardens

Three Seeded Sedge

Functions: Ponds, Natural Landscaping, Habitat Restoration

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Reviews

.Three Seeded Sedge is a grass native mainly to the top Northeastern reaches of the United States extending from Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Parts of Canada. There are over 600 species of Carex in North America. It is often seen growing within a group of its species while next to other species of its genus close by. It is commonly identified as having 2–4 spears mounted about 8 inches from a bottom row of leaves 2mm thick with flowers featuring at the base of the spears. Flowers appearing green in color grow at the base of the spears around late spring to early summer, forming a batch of seeds within. Stems have a thick, fibrous texture with three leaves tightly wrapped in a row giving it a spiky appearance once fully mature and giving it a beautiful variation of leaf orientation and accenting among other plants growing on the river or pond side. The colors can vary between rich yellow-green to darker-green hues, with some parts of the plant a shade of brown. It grows best in shady areas, planted in clumps that will spread over an area with runner-like rooting. Three Seeded Sedge will grow most naturally in wet to moist peaty soil, sometimes even seen with water growing over the base of the plant’s main stem. Growing at the water’s edge, Three Seeded Sedge will not only add an overall natural look to your pond or natural landscape but also provide an excellent habitat to varying species of animals preferring moist conditions.

Tree moss for gardeners — Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Reviews

Tree Moss — Usnea

Mosses are little flowerless plants that typically grow in thick green clumps or mats, often in wet or shady locations. Tree moss looks like a beautiful and luxurious green carpeting that covers your lawn and can replace grass or your ground if you want. The individual plants are commonly formed of simple leaves that are only one cell thick. Tree moss is typically 0.2–10 cm (0.1–3.9 in) tall, though some species are much larger. Though tree moss develops in the damp soil, tree mosses can grow on any solid exterior, and you can decorate on tree bark, rocks, and other dense areas, so gardeners or landscapers have an extensive range of ideas to play with these versatile plants. Moss is an extraordinarily diverse plant, and some mosses grow at an incredibly fast rate of growth, so the plant is not finicky, so growing it is relatively straightforward. These are perfect for lawn curb appeal if you want to have something that most of your neighbors are not doing. There are so many different types, so you can have an extensive collection and make your lawn the most impressively exotic garden on your block. Furthermore, tree moss is insanely low-maintenance compared to conventional grass lawns, so upkeep of any tree moss is a breeze. Moss prefers moisture and slightly shaded sunlight. It is ideal for use as ground cover underneath taller growing trees and plants. If you only plant the Moss in a sunlight-heavy area, your Moss should still be able to grow well enough. So even if you live in places where the sun is not always out, your lawn will still look enchanting.

Moss is ideal for soaking up the water out areas of your yard that tend to overflow in heavy rains. So tree moss is perfect for keeping your lawn safe while preventing any problems you would usually get with flooded spaces and still look unquestionably beautiful and fluffy. You can have this shipped directly to you, and the Moss will arrive at your doorstep in top form.

Top Vibrant Shrubs We Sell

Some shrubs are bought for their growth habit or because they make good foundation plantings or hedges. Others are bought for the vibrant, nearly fluorescent colors of their leaves or flowers, or both. Here are four of them:

Forsythia Shrubs

Forsythia shrubs are famous for their eye-catching brilliant yellow flowers, which appear on the shrub before the leaves. These flowers are one of the earliest to appear in spring, and they adorn the entire length of the arching stem. Forsythia shrubs grow from 1 to 10 feet tall and prefer loose, well-drained soil and full sun.

Burning Bush Shrubs

Burning bush shrubs get their name from their fiery red leaves that appear in the fall and are followed by orange-red berries. This is a fast-growing shrub that tolerates cold and makes a stunning hedge. When those brilliant leaves fall, there’s also winter interest in the peeling strips that appear on ridges on the branches and hold snow. Burning bush does best in well-drained soil and full sun.

Sweet Shrub

This shrub has long, dark green leaves that smell sweet, but they don’t smell as sweet as the sweet shrubs’ flowers. These blossoms are round and range in color from yellow to burgundy. They have a smell that reminds some people of bubblegum, and another name for the plant is Sweet Bubby. This sweet shrub likes moist, well-drained soil and thrives in full sun to part shade.

Weigelia Shrubs

Weigelia shrubs also bring dazzling colors in the form of flowers. In the case of the weigela, the flowers are trumpet-shaped, appear in masses all over the plant and attract hummingbirds. They are white, red, or pink, and there are even rare yellow varieties. Weigela blossoms arrive in the spring and may repeat over the season. This shrub grows between 3 and 15 feet tall and has a 9 to 12-foot spread. It prefers full sunlight and well-drained soil.

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