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Autumn is a season of vibrant displays characterized by complex fiery tints in a fantastic array of hues. What tends to take center stage are the trees that seem to innately know it is their time to shine. It can be seen from every corner and miles around, and it not only catches and holds the gaze but creates a canopy of warmth in the air just from sharing in its physical beauty. Leaves become a part of the show, whether attached to the branch or gliding to the ground as a beautiful carpet canopy. It takes a special tree to orchestrate such a display, and the top three responses are of the maple variety. These specimen originated and continue to be resilient, adaptable to climate and changing environments. The three most popular in the beauty of color are Red, Silver, and Sugar Maple.

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Silver Maple

With height as an advantage, the Silver Maple is a tree with a color intensity that rivals many other trees. It contrasts with its neighbors by providing contrast with yellow and browns. It is not as bright as some other trees, but that allows for complimenting those that are around.

Sweet Sugar Maple

Also known as Rock Maple, this variety of trees is well known and popular for the sweet nectar or syrup that is produced known as Maple. It is useful and very important to the ecology of the forest. In many parks and neighborhoods in the United States, with ease of growth and transplanting, this tree is delicate yet hardy, offering gold, yellow, and orange as a lovely bi-product.

It is quite apparent that fall is the time that maples really do shine and provide great relief from the summer heat, with leaves moving from green to burgundy, oranges, deep and crimson reds, to name a few. The top of the foliage list is always the Maple. Whether it is different varieties, always expect the best from silver, red, or sugar Maples. It is a gift to witness while driving or taking a simple stroll to become a part of what nature offers in the foliage that literally takes one’s breath away.

Top 3 Most Beautiful Ground Cover Plants

Most gardens and landscapes need a plant that serves as ground cover. Many of the plants that are used for ground cover are simple and green. However, there are a few plants that can brighten up any landscaping and are very eye-catching. Here we will detail the top three ground cover plants that are visually appealing and can be used to prevent weeds.

The first pick for the best ground cover plants is Vinca Minor. These plants are a lovely shade of periwinkle and look beautiful in a landscape setting. This species grows best in temperate climates and grows together to form large colonies. Vinca Minor can grow up to be about 16 inches high. However, they are not climbing plants. In terms of care, these are fairly simple to maintain and take care of. These plants do tend to take over an area, so ensure that it is not planted near other species, for it can act as a weed.

Another charming pick for ground cover is Pachysandra Procumbens. This species produces elegant white flowers that can add light to your landscape setting. These are very fragrant flowers and provide a wonderful aroma. Pachysandra Procumbens typically survive best in shaded environments with moderate temperatures. When these receive too much sunlight, they have a hard time blooming and can end up dying. You can expect these plants to bloom in Spring, around March or April. These will slowly spread and form colonies, which provides adequate ground cover.

The final pick for a more appealing ground cover is ‘Halls Honeysuckle. These are also very fragrant plants that produce delicate yellow and white flowers. This species requires more sunlight than other ground cover plants and thrives in partial to full sun exposure. These would look great in a rustic or tropical garden setting. With support, these stems can reach up to 30 feet, and when used as ground cover, they reach about 2 feet in height. ‘Halls Honeysuckle are fast-growing plants that require weekly watering or more depending on the temperature.

All of these species can provide excellent ground cover in any garden or landscape setting. Not only are they used for ground cover, but they provide beautiful scenery and lovely aromas. These plants also help prevent weeds and soil erosion. So, if you are looking for a beautiful yet strong plant, then any of these three picks will be a great choice for your garden.

Top Choices In Garden Shrubs

Trying to liven up your garden, but you’re not sure where to start? Here are some of our top picks in shrubs and flowers to really make your landscape pop, all of which you can buy at

The versatile, sweet-smelling family of roses adds beauty, romance, and whimsy to any garden. Roses come in gorgeous purple, classic red, cheery yellow, and gleaming white. You can find a rose of any size or color to complement your yard or to plant in flower beds and pots for porches. Roses endure well in many climates and can even survive drought conditions, and their ease of cultivation makes them an excellent flower for beginners.

Azaleas are hardy flowers able to thrive in a variety of climates, perfect for gardeners with temperamental temperatures. They come in a full spectrum of vibrant colors. The large size and tempting fragrance of rhododendron azaleas make them the belle of the ball, while the more modest Piedmont pink azaleas provide a delightful complement to showcase your more illustrious plants or to line your driveways and fences with a splash of color.

Bamboo can add an air of ancient exoticism with its distinctive, stoic stalks. No need to wait on bamboo — it can grow to its full height in only a few short months. Create a forest wreathed in mist and mystery. They’re great for the environment, too: bamboo makes more oxygen than other trees, and its stalks can be harvested for use in furniture and home decor. As evergreens, you can enjoy them year-round.

Shape your landscape with hardy hedges surrounding your garden like the frame to a work of art, sculpted to accentuate the borders of the land or give your home privacy. In shades of cool emerald and warm gold, easy to grow and maintain, they can wreathe any landscape in any climate. Pruned or unpruned, hedges have been a horticultural staple throughout history.

All of these are good beginner plants for their hardiness and ease of care. Combine all four to transform your outdoors into a green paradise. You can find these and more available to buy at

Top Choices For Low Maintenance Shrubs

You want your landscaping to be attractive, but you don’t want to spend as much time keeping up the look of your yard as you do as work. What’s the solution? Consider these low-maintenance shrubs to add both curb appeal that requires minimal upkeep.

1. Burning Bush

Vibrant red foliage gives these bushes their name, and no one will miss them once you add them to your landscape design. The color is at its peak in the fall, and it lasts for months. During spring and summer, burning bushes have a green hue. The burning Bush doesn’t need constant attention or watering, and it’s known for adapting to a variety of environments. Another perk of the burning Bush is that it grows up to six feet in height, giving you additional privacy without the need to build a fence.

2. Viburnums

There are hundreds of shrubs in this family, so you have your pick of plants to match the atmosphere you want when landscaping. Some varieties flower, usually white or pink, while others provide bright-colored berries during the winter. Most of these plants do well in colder environments, which is good news if you experience a true winter. Plant viburnum shrubs and trees in moist, fertile soil that drains well, and you’ll be pleased with the results. Viburnums grow between 4 and 15 feet in height and are just as wide, so they can help you make a little job of a big, empty space. They’re tolerant to drought and wild animals such as deer, too.

3. Hydrangea

You’re probably familiar with the purple, blue, or white blossoms of the hydrangea. However, did you also know that these bushy flowers can be grown in pots as long as the pot sits on soil that allows their roots to expand? Hydrangeas do well in partial to full sun as long as the soil is moist, and they really only need deep watering on a weekly basis. Rest assured that these plants can go years without requiring that you prune them, too! Note that the Penny Mac variety does require yearly pruning, however.

Interestingly enough, these plants tend to turn pink in alkaline soil, while blue flowers occur when hydrangeas are located in acidic soil. You can adjust your soil for the colors that you’d like.

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